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11 reasons Gazzetta Football Italia is still the best football show of all time

We thought it was "Go Lazio" too...

Gazzetta Football Italia is perhaps the greatest television show ever invented.

And there isn’t a day that goes by when we don’t mourn its passing.

Here’s why it was television perfection…


1 The classic Channel 4 logo (with a FOOTBALL)

channel 4


This was before they started getting all arty-farty with cranes and articulated shipping containers.

2 The theme tune, obviously

If clicking the Play button below doesn’t instantly transport you to Sunday afternoons of yore, there’s something wrong with you.

Nifty tune as well, that.

3 Jimbo with hair

James Richardson


James Richardson is a national treasure and back in the glory days he was the archetypal suave Englishman living the Life of Riley.

These days his look is popular in the Balham branch of Foxton’s.

But at the time Jimbo’s style was the epitome of a journalistic cool.

4 George Weah doing stuff like THIS

5 Beppe Signori



He looks like an overnight truck driver.

But he had a Goal of the Month entry every month without fail. At least that’s how we remember it.

For Lazio in 1993/94, he was irresistible…

6 This Sampdoria shirt

Ruud Gullit

7 And the team as well, to be fair

Ruud Gullit, David Platt, Gianluca Pagliuca, Attilio Lombardo. All in one line up. Phwoarr.


8 This guy


His name was Moreno Torricelli and he was an animal.

9 Enrico Chiesa

We’re not sure why, but we just loved this little guy.



10 Loads of awesome South Americans with distinct looks and playing styles


Alvaro Recoba


Marcelo Salas


Ivan bloody Zamorano

11 And, of course, Batigol


Gabriel Batistuta breaking keepers’ wrists was the highlight of Gazzetta Football Italia.

Bring it back this very instant…

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