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Internet reacts to Samir Nasri’s sensational Twitter hack

James Robinson

Samir, Samir, Samir.

The golden rule of social media is don’t give anyone else your password.

Unfortunately someone managed to get into Nasri’s Twitter account with some spectacular results.

It all started with a fairly innocuous tweet from Drip Doctors, who provide IV vitamin therapy and weight-loss treatment among other services.


Little did Drip Doctors know but they’d just opened Pandora’s Box.

The s*** well and truly hit the fan. To save you trawling through Twitter here’s the full transcript of what came out of Nasri’s account in the next hour.



So how did the internet react to Nasri’s ‘predicament’?

In the only way it knows how. Full. Blown. Savage.

Nasri won’t even be able to take his mind off the situation with a game as Sevilla don’t play again until January 4, when they take on Real Madrid in the Copa del Rey.

On the plus side he won’t have to pay to use Drip Doctors again given all the free PR he’s just given them.


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