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Here’s why proper clubs like Leyton Orient shouldn’t be punchlines for Premier League fans

To borrow one of the more cringeworthy phrases of our time, Leyton Orient ‘won the internet’ just before the international break.

Mark Goldbridge, who you may know as the David Brent-esque character who occasionally pops up on your social media feeds, was on a mission to hoover up engagement in the wake of Man United’s defeat to Man City.

The day after the game, he tweeted: “Ole and those players need to realise that for many this is the worst United side they’ve seen in many years… yesterday was like Leyton Orient hosting City.”

To which the east London club replied: “Hmm, not quite. Our home record is actually good.”

But that wasn’t the zinger that earned them thousands of likes in a matter of hours.

Goldbridge retorted with a single word ‘ratio’, jumping on an unoriginal social media trend that had the life beaten out of it months ago.

As a quite devastating closer, Orient simply replied: “You’re a grown man.”

1-0 to the O’s

1-0 to the O’s

Needless to say, the masses declared a unanimous victory for the League Two club.

The exchange could (and perhaps should) be dismissed as typical social media nonsense but it was rather revealing of the differences between Premier League mega-clubs and those lower down in the football pyramid.

Of course Goldbridge, as a well-known Man United social media personality, is caught up in the rampant tribalism that seems unavoidable in the world of Premier League digital fandom, where keynotes like ‘ratio’ are commonplace in a realm where clout is king.

It’s not that these tropes don’t exist at League Two level but clubs like Leyton Orient are far more rooted in reality, away from the excruciating hyperbole of the world’s most-watched league.

Dream Team went down to the Breyer Group Stadium for the O’s Papa John’s Trophy clash with Charlton and spoke to several fans, as well as manager Kenny Jackett, to peak into the true soul of English football.

Lifelong fan Keren Harrison told us: “If I think about it, do I really want Premier League? I don’t know if I really do, to be honest. I’d be happy with mid-Championship so I could still enjoy my football and not be in the corporate side of things.”

Here’s why proper clubs like Leyton Orient shouldn’t be punchlines for Premier League fans…

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Christmas is better shared

Christmas is better shared