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The definitive list of Premier League players you’d genuinely pay to watch

We are blessed with some truly outstanding individuals all the way down the Premier League.

You know the type. The never-a-dull-moment players, the ones you feel something will happen every time the ball comes their way.

In fact, remember Player Cam on Sky? Almost stalker-ish to the point where you could watch every move, every breath taken by one specific player during games. Can’t pick your nose now, can you mate. Halcyon days.

Anyway, here’s 10 current top-flight players we’d all genuinely pay money to watch. Starting at number 10:


10 Gerard Deulofeu


Perhaps the perfect modern example of ‘luxury player’.

I was listening to a podcast the other day discussing why Deulofeu, after scoring a beauty in the win over Wolves, wasn’t playing for a ‘bigger club’ than Watford.

His virtuoso display in that 2-1 just about sums it up, as until the last month or so Hornets fans have been completely bereft of this Deulofeu.

He’s a real ‘on his day’ kind of guy, but when it is indeed his day he is spellbinding, luring defenders into naive decisions with majestic dribbling skills.

9 Jack Grealish


There’s still something so romantic about a local lad not just representing, but captaining, his local club.

Grealish has his detractors after some questionable behaviour in his early career, but he was just a kid back then.

Now he’s elevating one half of the second largest city in the country almost single-handedly at times with some breathtaking displays.

No England midfielder has been involved in more Premier League goals this season. Who needs long socks anyway?

8 Jamie Vardy

PA:Press Association

Simply a freak of nature.

Running simply on half skittles, half Red Bull, Vardy has somehow found a formula to become even more devastating than during that season Leicester did the unthinkable.

Perhaps he’s wiser now with years under his belt, less running around like a headless chicken, more calculated, intuitive movements.

But when he does burst into life he is a sight to behold, only needing a sniff to impact a game.

7 Paul Pogba

PA:Press Association

Let’s be honest, people who don’t rate Pogba don’t understand football.

It’s just a crying shame there are so many issues between him and Man United right now that we’re denied weekly doses of the mercurial Frenchman’s genius.

Few modern players operate with the same swagger Pogba does and few boast his capacity to dictate games at whatever pace he chooses.

Considering United’s midfielders have just four league goals between them in his absence, you’d think with Pogba they’d be well inside the top four.

6 Wilfried Zaha

AFP or licensors

Fair play to Zaha.

Even this season, after being denied his long overdue dream move in the summer, he’s carried on shouldering the creative burden.

It wouldn’t be too far to say Zaha is almost the sole source of excitement at Selhurst Park given how stodgy the rest of the Palace side are. There really is only so much you can do with a James McArthur-James McCarthy double pivot.

Zaha is the antidote to that; a pure street footballer who gets bums out of seats.

5 Sadio Mane


As a former full back I can tell you right now there is no current player I’d least like to mark than Mane.

He has gone from chief sidekick to the main man at Liverpool in the last year, adding consistency to his already stellar game.

Everything Mane does is so quixotic, so unpredictable that no corner is too tight, no alley is too dark.

That goal against Bayern Munich last year is a work of art. The touch, the spin, the finish, the occasion. What a player.

4 Mesut Ozil

PA:Press Association

Remember him?

While he gave us a little taste of the good times against United last week, Ozil at his very best has been a real rarity of late.

Maybe he doesn’t always pull his weight but there’s no way he’s as responsible for Arsenal’s downfall as some of their fans make out.

Another ‘on his day’ type, but when that day comes it’s an honour to be in his presence as he really does see things nobody else does.

3 Adama Traore


We now live in a world where Traore has an end product and that is a very dangerous thought.

After slogging away at Aston Villa, his true calling came when Tony Pulis of all people put an arm around his shoulder at Middlesbrough.

Now Traore is a force to be reckoned with, as Man City have found out to their peril twice this season.

How on earth do you cope with someone whose dribbling statistics are literally off the charts?

2 Allan Saint-Maximin


Holy mother of Mary this guy is box office.

Newcastle’s record of Ligue 1 buys in the last couple of years has been fairly questionable. Remember Yoan Gouffran?

But Saint-Maximin is the absolute bees knees and someone the Geordie faithful have been crying out for for donkey’s years.

At times it seems even he doesn’t know what he’s doing – he’s that unpredictable – but whatever it is, it’s elite entertainment. You with the headband, you are different gravy.

1 Kevin De Bruyne


Anyone who disagrees with me, just sit back and marvel in his display at Arsenal before Christmas.

No one does it better when they’re in the groove; I repeat, no one. He’s morphed into a hybrid of Steven Gerrard – look at the way he runs – and Cesc Fabregas, which is some concoction.

Everything De Bruyne does is just so clinical and unerring, I can’t remember the last time he shanked anything.

Whether he’s shooting from 30 yards or producing gravity-defying crosses from the flanks, his execution is invariably right on the money.