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Andros Townsend scored the Goal of the Season and no one can tell me otherwise

Vincent Kompany was awarded the prize on Match of the Day

That’s it until next season then Barclays.

It went down to the wire but Man City comfortably thrashed a side in 17th place to eclipse Liverpool on the final day of the season, secure back-to-back Premier Leagues and set up the possibility of an unprecedented domestic treble.

But forget all of that, we’re here to discuss goals, specifically everyone’s favourite award – who scored the goal of the season.

They scored a lot of goals too

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They scored a lot of goals too

In total there were 1,072 goals in the league this season, Man City accounted for 95 of them, Liverpool for 89 and Mo Salah, Sadio Mane and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang scored 66 between them.

Of that 1,000-odd there were some moments of pure brilliance; sparkling technique combining with pressure, context and mouth-watering rivalries, however there have also been some really crap goals.

Cough, Divock Origi in the Merseyside Derby, cough. 

They all count but it’s time to confirm who scored the best of the lot.

Andros Townsend’s absolute thronker against City back in December was the goal of the season, without question.

In fact it is one of the best goals you will ever see.

To hit the ball so cleanly from that distance as it is looping out from the area, against one of the best keepers in the league, at the home of the champions takes some beating.

The strike is unerring, the ball never wavers from its trajectory, it just drives straight into the top corner, no swerving, no nothing.

Add the elements that this goal put Palace 2-1 up at City and eventually helped them to a memorable win and it ticks all the boxes for the Goal of the Season award.

But who were the other contenders?

Well on Match of the Day last night they held a public voted which included goals from Salah, Aaron Ramsey, Andre Schurrle, Eden Hazard and Vincent Kompany’s wonderstrike against Leicester.

The public whittled it down to a top three of Ramsey, Kompany and Townsend before Alan Shearer and Ian Wright decided Kompany should win it on the merit of his goal pretty much deciding the title in City’s favour.

It’s understandable that the pundits went with Kompany’s thunderbastard on the basis that it was a match-winning goal in the penultimate game of the season, without which City may well have lost the title – and it came from a centre-back.

It had delicious swerve and was hit in the very top corner, however, over a season you will see this goal hundreds of times.

Give any Premier League football 100 go’s at this strike and they will score it at least once.

Townsend scored a goal which you don’t see very often at all, it is not hyperbole to say it’s one of the greatest Premier League goals ever let alone this season.

The pressure may not have been as full on and the goal may not have been as significant but the level of technique required for the strike was unrivalled.

Hence why Townsend’s volley is the Goal of the Season.

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