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The best possible XI using one player from each of the 11 top-ranked countries

Why? But equally, why not?

Midweek’s Champions League semi-final second legs provided the catalyst for a thousand think pieces.

This weekend, a tense Premier League title race is set reach a dramatic conclusion that could rival Sergio Agueroooooo’s 2012 heroics.

So, naturally, with all that at the forefront of football’s consciousness, we’ve spent half the day discussing international football.

Very good. What’s next?

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Very good. What’s next?

Not even real international football either; hypothetical nonsense.

Here’s the challenge: pick a fantasy team using only players from the current top 11 ranked international teams in the world.

Why top 11? Because you can only pick one player from each country.

Here’s the rankings…


After several friendship-ending arguments, here’s our best effort…


Switzerland and Denmark initially posed problems but we’re very happy with Christian Eriksen’s talents in midfield.

AC Milan’s Ricardo Rodriguez is certainly no mug and we thought it best to use up a full-back spot rather than shoehorning Xherdan Shaqiri in ahead of Lionel Messi…

Please make sure your team is properly balanced!

If you select a midfield of Dele Alli, Philippe Coutinho and Isco then you’re only cheating yourself; we all know that balance wouldn’t work in real life.

Our midfield is perfectly balanced: ball-winner, passmaster, creator.

Anyway, you can probably do better and we want to see your teams — drop them in the comments on our Facebook page.