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The future of football is here – it is management by artificial intelligence

AI Football Coach could be about to revolutionise the game forever

Loads of jobs are being taken over by robots these days.

But we bet you never thought we’d have robotic football managers?

Well we are about to find out if a small plastic box full of electronics can manage a football team.

It doesn’t get involved much during training

It doesn’t get involved much during training

Be prepared for a wild ride.

The complete maniacs geniuses at The Big Bang Fair have partnered with Greenshoot Labs to invent the world’s first artificial intelligence football coach.

If that wasn’t a crazy enough thought to get your head round Wingate & Finchley FC, a side in England’s 7th tier, have appointed the AI Football Coach to run proceedings from the touchline.

On Feb 9th it will be the first time that a team’s formation and tactics have been decided by artificial intelligence.

They’re not just having a laugh for a friendly, this will be a competitive league game when they are desperate for points in a relegation battle against Whitehawk.

Careful lads it will still fine you for using your phone in the changing rooms

Careful lads it will still fine you for using your phone in the changing rooms

With the club just four points off the bottom of the table in the Isthmian Premier Division it is fair to say desperate times have called for very desperate measures.

The AI Football Coach contains revolutionary technology that uses ‘expert systems’ and complex algorithms to determine the best tactics and formations against a certain opponent.

The club staff will give it the necessary information about the team’s strengths, best players, fitness and motivation and then the strengths and weaknesses of its opponents and the AI Football Coach will decide the starting formation and tailor-made tactics.

… It really feels like the robots might be taking over. 

But it doesn’t stop there.

With the technology on board and using the Amazon Alexa interface, the AI Football Coach will also determine in-game tactics, substitutions and possible formation changes.

Then it stores all the decisions it makes, taking on all the information over each game to inform future decisions and it is expected to grow in understanding of the team and tactics as the season goes on.

While Man United might have been paying Jose Mourinho bucket loads, Wingate & Finchley are putting a lot of trust into the AI Football Coach by bringing it onto their bench.

It’s not going to give you the hairdryer treatment at half-time

It’s not going to give you the hairdryer treatment at half-time

“The fundamentals of football are exactly the same whether they come from a virtual coach or a human one,” says Wingate & Finchley FC manager Dave Norman.

“As a teacher as a well as a football manager I’m a big supporter of The Big Bang Fair’s goal to get more kids into STEM, so I was more than happy to add an AI to the coaching team here at Wingate & Finchley.

“I think it will complement our set-up immensely and hopefully help us pick up three points!”

We wish you the best of luck Dave, we’re definitely not hoping for any sort of IRobot meltdown.