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This slow-mo video of Lionel Messi nutmegging Felipe Luis is reason #789 to worship him

All bow down to Lionel Messi

You might have seen a clip of Lionel Messi nutmegging Atletico Madrid’s Felipe Luis doing the rounds.

With his first touch he controls a route one pass by looping a header into the Madrid sky. With his second he steals Luis’s soul. Backwards.

Messi doing Messi things.

You might have shown this to a colleague. Maybe you showed it to a lover. Or, just maybe, you shared it with a stranger on the train, such is the majesty of the trick.

And, to your horror, they might have tried to claim that Messi ‘didn’t mean it’, as if he does anything by accident.

Well, allow us to silence the naysayers. Slow-motion footage of the nutmeg allows you to take in Messi’s greatness one pixel at a time.

For a start, appreciate how Messi transforms into LeBron James to control a pass better suited to Didier Drogba in his prime.

Witness how time stops for the Argentinian while everyone around him scrambles to gather their senses.

Luis comes in for the kill but, with a cushion and flick of the GOAT’s left foot, careers are ended.

Leo, we are not worthy.


Unfortunately, some people just can’t compute moments of sheer brilliance such as the one witness in Madrid.

There are still people in my office trying to tell me that Messi didn’t mean to nutmeg Luis. Ronaldo fanboys, the lot of them.

They are the same type of people who still think Dennis Bergkamp took a rusty touch against Newcastle…