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Dream Team’s 2018 Fallon d’Floor awards

You've heard the Ballon d'Or nominees now it's time for DT's alternatives

Why does everyone hate diving?

In some parts of the world it is seen as the highest form of flattery.

But in the UK, scorn is poured on every player who supposedly tries to cheat the referee and their opponent.


A dive still counts even if you can’t see it Dele

A dive still counts even if you can’t see it Dele

For 364 days of the year we agree with that sentiment, except today.

This is the Dream Team Fallon d’Floor awards and we are here to celebrate all the best flops, feigning of injury, elite level falling over, extra rolling means extra points, it’s a free-for-all.

Without further ado here are your nominees.


Actually physically rolled into the technical area

Actually physically rolled into the technical area

As most of you agree, we are starting with one of the out and out favourites here – if this went down to a public it would almost be a dead cert.

And although there are many to choose from we have selected Neymar’s extravagant effort from the 2018 World Cup.

A Mexico player brushes Neymar’s toes with his studs as he lays on the ground sending the Brazilian into an impression of a salmon being taken out of water as he writhed around on the floor.

Then he pulled out the classic ‘bang the floor in agony’ move and required a doctor while the ref looked on blankly.

As I said, a strong start.

Vinicius Jr

This list won’t be all Brazilians we promise, but this one was too good to overlook – especially coming from a man many see as the ‘next Neymar’.

Vinicius has barely made a dent in the Real Madrid first team but he has definitely impressed us with his theatrics.

Here we see a notorious ‘ghost arm’.

The defender tries to get hold of him and misses, Vinicius sees that as a chance to go down holding his face as if he’s been slapped, really going full throttle for the red card.

Steven Berghuis

We told you it wouldn’t be all Brazilians.

Dutchman Berghuis has truly outdone himself with this attempt for the coveted Fallon d’Floor.

It has everything; play-acting, skull-duggery, theatrics and the best part is that it doesn’t even look like the ball is in play.

Ladies and gentlemen we might have a winner here.


We’re not just picking on Brazilians, promise.

But when Casemiro felt a slight tug and then seemed to delay his reaction for a couple of seconds only to then be swung to the floor by a phantom tackle we thought it had to be nominated for this prize.

The fact that he stayed up and had the ball under control after the initial brush but then felt he would have rather had the foul was pure artistry.

Extra points for doing it in a crunch Champions League tie.

Toni Kroos

The German makes the list for bringing back the sniper in the crowd dive, that to be honest we haven’t seen enough of of late.

Doing everything he can to hoodwink the ref into giving him a penalty, Kroos lifts the ball past a defender and expects a challenge.

It doesn’t come so Kroos launches himself in the air in full diving mode flailing both legs and arms to hammer home the point.

The man might love Robbie Williams and darts but we can’t be having this.

The winner chosen by our panel of expert divers is by far and away Steven Berghuis for his ridiculous effort with the ball out of play. Give yourself a pat on the back son.


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