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Andres Iniesta’s signature move is one of the greatest sights in football

'La Croqueta' is as pleasing and effective as the Cruyff turn

The Cruyff turn. The Makelele role. The Panenka penalty.

Truly innovative players have been immortalised down the years by having either a position or trick named in their honour.

So here I am pitching for the same to happen for Andres Iniesta and his glorious, unstoppable shimmy.

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Adios, senor

Adios, senor


Because ahead of his final appearance for Barcelona on Sunday night we are also waving goodbye to his signature move.

Known in Spain as ‘La Croqueta’, translated simply as ‘the roll’, it has bamboozled defenders for years despite seeming so simple in it execution.

That’s perhaps testament to Iniesta’s peerless ball control that he can make the hardest aspects of the game looks so effortless.

We’ve all seen it – and probably we’ve all tried it.

The Iniesta shimmy, the speedy shift from right to left to take it away from an opponent.

With glue on his insoles Iniesta is capable of executing it at such high speed without breaking stride.

And he’s been doing it consistently for a decade and a half.

It’s nothing flashy. There’s no rainbow flick or exuberant step over.

Waving goodbye to an icon

Waving goodbye to an icon

It’s just about pure technique and agility all rolled into one fluid movement.

Iniesta will be hoping to go out on a high against Real Sociedad with Barca already wrapping up the La Liga and Copa del Rey double this season.

Is it too much to ask for one final demonstration, Andres?

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Can Messi finally achieve glory internationally?

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Can Messi finally achieve glory internationally?

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From Russia with a whole lot of love.