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BT Sport commentators panned by fans for not knowing about Kylian Mbappe’s ‘fake rabona’ move

The PSG star attempted to perform the move on Sergio Ramos but his attempt wasn't picked up by Darren Fletcher and Glenn Hoddle

Look at football, with its new-fangled skills and moves.

It was a simpler time back before 1974, and then Johan Cruyff went and ruined it for everyone with his Cruyff turn in the 1974 World Cup.

Since then you can’t move for players becoming more inventive, tricky and generally better.

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Despite this, it’s mildly surprising that commentators still can’t spot a piece of skill when one is performed.

Last night, Kylian Mbappe attempted to perform his almost signature ‘fake rabona’ move.

If you’ yourself are unaware of how it should look, Mbappe’s been doing it for quite some time.


Essentially, the Frenchman shapes up as if he were to cross the ball with a rabona, before pulling out of it, and ordinarily either passing or attempting to nutmeg the defender.

Now we’re all up to speed, we need to talk about BT Sport’s Darren Fletcher and Glenn Hoddle not spotting it when Mbappe tried to perform it last night against Sergio Ramos.

Here’s how it appeared on TV – Mbappe fakes out of the rabona, and Ramos just gets a touch as the Frenchman attempts to nutmeg the defender.





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Fletcher and Hoddle proceeded to proclaim that ‘even the best get it wrong! Ha ha ha!’

Except, while they didn’t spot that what Mbappe did was entirely intentional, a whole load of people online did…

It’s not a great look, and while Fletcher and Hoddle did a decent job the rest of the night, it just proves that sometimes, even the best get it wrong.