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Fantasy Football: How do you win Dream Team Weekender? We spoke to one winner

Dream Team Weekender is the easiest and quickest form of Fantasy Football - so, how do you win at it?

Dream Team Weekender is the fastest and easiest way to play fantasy football around.

Pick seven players, there’s no budget, no limits on how many players you can pick from one club, and only games that happen on Saturday and Sunday matter.

It couldn’t be easier.

Play Dream Team Weekender to win a trip of a lifetime and be in with a chance to bag £10k

But while getting your team in is a walk in the park, to win the jackpot you’re up against some of the hottest minds in the world of Fantasy Football.

So how do you go about bagging yourself the juicy jackpot? We spoke to Gameweek 12’s winner Simon Davis, who won a cool £20,000 from his seven-player picks.

How long have you been playing Weekender game?

I started playing the Weekender last season and enter most weeks.

I have been playing the Season game for a few years now and really enjoy it, and I seem to be doing OK this season, so hopefully I can keep it up.

Who were your key players to winning Weekender?

Undoubtedly Callum Wilson. He was my one wildcard pick and it really came off with him landing a hat-trick.

Picking a wildcard player is essential in my opinion, given you are competing against a big field – so you want the right blend of the obvious choices but then one slightly alternative pick.

Simon’s winning Weekender team

Simon’s winning Weekender team

How did you feel when you heard you’d won?

Relieved! The nerves on the Sunday were no fun at all.

Did you have players playing on Sunday, and were you hooked to checking your team all weekend?

All of my players played on Saturday but I knew that a haul for Richarlison for Watford on the Sunday would take the prize from me.

He had already scored one goal, and as those who were watching their game against West Ham will know, he had a chance in stoppage time. It was absolutely agonising!

This Richarlison shot went just wide, which would have meant curtains for Weekender winner Simon

This Richarlison shot went just wide, which would have meant curtains for Weekender winner Simon

What are you going to spend the money on?

We are looking to buy a house at the moment so it’s a real boost.

What’s your message to people not playing Weekender at the moment?

Where else can you have a FREE shot at a great prize? And it makes watching the football at the weekend more exciting. Win win.