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Alexis Sanchez and Aaron Ramsey’s feud is beyond pathetic and sadly typical of modern Arsenal

This week's 'The Take' slams the fact that two of the Gunners' key players don't pass to each other

Arsenal cop a lot of stick on the internet.

Some of it’s harsh, and some is justified.

In many ways, they are a superb model for others to follow; their stadium, finances, commercial work and social media department are all a credit to the club.

But in other ways they verge on the farcical.

Tension in the air

Tension in the air

And personally, I think the feud between Alexis Sanchez and Aaron Ramsey is pathetic and sadly typically of the modern Arsenal.

Most of those who have watched Arsenal even semi-regularly would have noticed friction between two of the Gunners’ key men.

Ramsey hates passing to Sanchez and Sanchez hates passing to Ramsey.

The tension between the two has got to the point where the situation has negatively impacted Arsenal’s attacking play, and that’s simply inexcusable.

Sanchez’s refusal to slip in the Welshman on this occasion against Man City before the international break is the latest example…


I’m not saying they NEVER pass to each other, but they are obviously reluctant.

Almost every club from Sunday League level to the world’s very best contain team-mates who don’t get along for whatever reason.

In most cases the players in question are able to put their differences aside for the good of the team.

So why can’t Sanchez and Ramsey?

It’s not like they’re two inexperienced upstarts who don’t know any better.

Both have years of experience at the top level and should know what standard of professionalism to maintain.

They aren’t even trying to hide their hatred of each other these days

They aren’t even trying to hide their hatred of each other these days

The fact that both of them have allowed their personal feelings to affect Arsenal’s performances is a disgrace.

I mean, how childish and selfish can you get?

I fully sympathise with the Arsenal fans who think this is an unacceptable situation — they deserve better.

Not a member of the Aaron Ramsey fan club

Getty - Contributor
Not a member of the Aaron Ramsey fan club

Arsene Wenger is either oblivious to this issue, powerless to solve it, or not bothered by it.

If it’s the former then he is more distant and disconnected from his squad than ever.

And if it’s either of the latter two then that’s a damning insight into his current motivation or lack of man management skills.

Arsene Wenger wants to keep Sanchez until the end of the season

AP:Associated Press
Sort it out

Compare Arsenal’s current situation to a famous example of warring team-mates from the past.

Andy Cole and Teddy Sheringham famously despised each other.

Yet you wouldn’t know it from watching them play together.

The pair were productive team-mates for Man United for four trophy-laden seasons — they won the treble together for crying out loud.

Harmonious disharmony

PA:Press Association
Harmonious disharmony

Perhaps more worrying for Arsenal is that this situation seems symbolic of the club in recent years.

All the ingredients for success are there but an easily avoidable problem is restricting them.

The Gunners are preparing for a North London derby at the weekend.

I can’t imagine Mauricio Pochettino tolerating such behaviour as Sanchez and Ramsey’s pettiness.

It’s things like this that are building up and allowing Spurs to not only match their rivals, but possibly surpass them in terms of quality and reputation.

Change now or be left behind, simple as that.