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Liverpool’s record signing has transformed into Europe’s biggest hatchet man

Naby Keita, Liverpool's record signing, has been sent off three times in his last seven games

Liverpool took a big gamble when allowing record signing Naby Keita to stay at RB Leipzig for another season.

Anything could happen. Injury, loss of form, the revelation that he’s a huge Everton fan.

What Jurgen Klopp didn’t expect was his new cultured midfielder, signed to provide some much needed drive from the middle, to turn into Europe’s biggest hatchet man.


Wrong badge mate

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Wrong badge mate

For those not familiar with the term, hatchet man refers to Roy Keane in his angriest state. Raging, veins bulging, studs around the knee.

The player who woke up on the wrong side of the bed and his taking out all his anger on the shins of his opposition.

Keita’s red card against Bayern Munich was his third red card in his last seven games.

Anything to not have to play alongside Dejan Lovren next season

Anything to not have to play alongside Dejan Lovren next season

His run started back in September when he received a straight red in the 2-2 draw with Borussian Monchengladbach.

Keita got through a Champions League clash against Besiktas ten days later with just a yellow but was back on the red card hunt in his following game for Guinea.

Compare his run of three reds in seven games to last season when Keita didn’t receive a single dismissal.

Praying won’t help you out now Naby

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Praying won’t help you out now Naby

In fact he’s not been sent off once in any of his previous three seasons with Leipzig and Red Bull Salzburg.

So what’s changed?

Maybe he’s seen the state of defending he’s going to be playing alongside next season and is trying his hardest to get Liverpool to cancel the move.

Just a thought.