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Did Barcelona troll Neymar after he was injured in Brazil training by Paulinho?

The Catalan club put out a tweet calling Paulinho 'unstoppable' hours after former player Neymar was caught in training by the midfielder

On the internet, timing is everything.

A misplaced tweet here, an Instagram comment here and football fans will be all over it like a rash.

Such was the case with a slightly unfortunately timed tweet from Barcelona, just hours after news of a former player broke.


To bring you up to speed, ex-Barca star Neymar (remember him?) was injured in Brazil training by current Barcelona man Paulinho.

Neymar and Paulinho, having a laugh before Paulinho batters him

Neymar and Paulinho, having a laugh before Paulinho batters him

The Paris Saint-Germain forward was caught on the foot by a late tackle from the ex-Spurs midfielder, forcing him off the field prior to their World Cup qualifier against Bolivia.

However, it was what happened a few hours later that got fans chatting.


Barca launched a competition on their Twitter page, calling Paulinho ‘unstoppable’.

Now, there’s a few things we need to address here.

  • Is Paulinho unstoppable? Sure, he’s had a decent enough start to life at Barca, but unstoppable?
  • Was this a deliberate dig at Neymar given what had happened a few hours before?
  • Did they know about the incident at all?

Our feeling is that it’s probably slightly unfortunate timing on the post – these things will have been scheduled by community managers, hours if not days in advance.

Our main problem is that Paulinho has been described as unstoppable in this instance.

There’s no doubting he’s had a fine start to life in the Catalan city, but we’re not sure you can describe him as unstoppable just yet.