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One football fan is massively regretting this promise before the FA Cup final

Let this be a lesson to anyone making rash promises on social media - it's probably best not to, to be honest.

We all say things in the heat of the moment that we don’t think we come back to haunt us.

But for one football fan, something he tweeted has come back to, quite fittingly, bite him on the arse.

Confident Arsenal wouldn’t be able to defeat Premier League champions in the FA Cup final, Twitter user @LewisBUFC tweeted this beforehand:


It read: “Chelsea are 100% winning the FA Cup today, if Arsenal win the FA Cup today I’ll get the Arsenal badge tattooed on my arse.”

The Ballymena United fan probably didn’t expect many people to pick up on the slightly dubious promise, but unfortunately, in amongst all the celebrations of having beaten their London rivals 2-1 in the final, the official Arsenal account saw it, and spread it.


That tweet was re-tweeted over 2,000 times in half an hour, and the pressure was now on our friend Lewis to see how he would respond.

And, fair play to him, he styled it out, and might actually go and get it done.

Let this little episode remind us all again that making rash promises aren’t for the faint-hearted.