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Dad knows best

REVEALED: What David Luiz’s dad said to him as a child which inspired him to become a footballer

The Brazilian defender claims he owes his entire career to his father who taught him a valuable life lesson as a youngster

Off the pitch, David Luiz is a very likeable bloke.

Chelsea’s endearing man-child has a happy-go-lucky attitude which exudes positivity and optimism to those around him.

Many players have spoken of the virtues of having the Brazilian defender as a team-mate.

David Luiz has enjoyed a tremendous season since returning to Chelsea in 2016

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Just look at that face!

However, Luiz wasn’t always the curly-topped bundle of joy he is today.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, the 30-year-old recalled how a stern talking to from his dad ironed out an attitude problem and set him on the path to superstardom.

“I remember the first time I said a bad word in front of my sister,” he said, “my dad sat me down at the table.

“I had a different attitude then, not the right attitude.

“‘What do you want for your life?’ he asked. I said I wanted to play football.

“‘No,’ he said. ‘First you must become a good human. I want you to become a footballer, too. But first you must be a good human, with honesty, character, dignity.’

Brazilian David Luiz says his dad inspired him to become a good human

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The man loves life

“It was a difficult conversation, but it changed my life.”

Luiz then went on to explain how his relationship with his parents moulded him into the person he is today.

“My examples were my parents. They were not my friends like this new generation.

“If your mum and dad are your friends, the bad things you do with your friends you will do with your mum and dad.

“They were the people I listened to, who had their feet on the ground, were humble, who had a simple life.

“My life has changed a lot, but sometimes I stop and I look to my mum and dad and they’re still the same people.

David Luiz has always enjoyed the game of football

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This is actually Luiz during one of his quieter periods

“It was my dad’s dream to become a top professional.

“He got to the brink of the first team at Atletico Mineiro but the money was not there, so he had to take another job.

“He used to say to me, ‘This is for you, it was not for me. I will live this with you.'”

“I’m like this because I remember when this was my dream.

“In Brazil they say it. Defenders must be pessimists. I cannot be that.

“I am an optimist in my life. I’m positive. I always think and dream of the best things.

“Trophies are nice, titles are nice, shining your armour is nice, but moments with people are special.”

All rather heartwarming, isn’t it?