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Chainsaw battles, guts and gore: Here’s everything you can expect to find in Gears of War 5

The latest Gears of War is just around the corner.

The much-loved franchise first appeared on Xbox 360 back in 2006 and has gone from strength to strength ever since (although we won’t include Judgement).

The latest instalment in the Gears series, Gears of War 5, sees you take up the role of Kait Diaz as she works to uncover her connection to the enemy and much more.

Here’s what you can expect to find in Gears of War 5…


Co-op campaign

All the Gears games so far have had a co-op campaign to remember and you’ll be pleased to know that Gears 5 is no exception to that.

It’s the first in the series to have three player split-screen, perfect to get a couple of mates involved and sit back with some snacks as you take on the longest campaign the series has ever offered.


Chainsaw battles

The trademark of any Gears game is a proper gory chainsaw battle.

Well, lucky enough for you lot, Gears 5 does not disappoint, be it in multiplayer or during the campaign, chainsaw battles are back and better than ever before.

Expect plenty of blood…


Shotgun battles

Ladies and gentlemen, your favourite shotgun is officially back.

Yep, that’s right the Gnasher, which has always been a favourite weapon of mine and many others on multiplayer, will make a (somewhat welcome) return in Gears 5.

We all know it’s been ridiculously overpowered down the years, so it remains to be seen whether or not it would have finally been nerfed… here’s hoping!



Gears has always offered a seriously strong multiplayer experience, but as a new player to the series it could sometimes be a bit tricky to get into the fight.

So, with Gears 5, they are looking to level the playing field with a new mode called ‘Hero Shooter Lite.’

With new modes like Escape (more on that soon) and new maps on the way, it’s set to be an absolute gore fest out there on the battlefield.


Escape mode

Escape is a brand new mode to Gears 5 that allows you to control one of the three new players in the game.

Escape starts off with you being captured by the swarm and objective is escape at all costs, sounds simple enough, right?

Wrong, there are many obstacles that stand in your way and you have to move through the hive before time runs out.

This mode will push players to use all the abilities of the new characters all while working as a strong team unit.


New Characters

While Gears 5 is mostly using the same familiar characters from Gears 4 with; Kait, Del and J.D. all returning to take us through the journey, there are a few new faces making an appearance.

However, the only place we can see new characters at the moment is in the escape multiplayer mode, and it’s currently unknown if we will come across new heroes in the campaign.

Gears 5 is released on September 10, with the Ultimate Version coming a few days earlier on September 6.