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Apex Legends: Ride-able flying creatures might enter the game before Season 2 starts

This could change the game dynamics drastically

King’s Canyon is likely to change drastically over the course of Season one.

Rumours have been flowing around the net, with players speculating as to what the new Legend will be alongside other new features.

Flyer from the original Titanfall

Flyer from the original Titanfall

A Reddit user by the name of FrozenFroh designed an infographic detailing all of the leaked and hinted at info that is going to come to Apex Legends ahead of the launch of Season two.

One of the snippets that we have taken away from this is the fact that ‘flyers’ from Titanfall 1 could be making an appearance later in the season.



FrozenFroh explains how the Flyers will enter the season causing absolute mayhem.

However, it is unclear whether the flyers will be hostile to players are just used as a gimmicky way to travel short distances across the map.

Either way, it is going to seriously shake up the way we play Apex.

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