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Lagging behind

Xbox players are proven to be ‘better’ at gaming than PS4 and PC players

You can't argue with the facts!

If you are a member of the so-called ‘PC Master race’ or you adore your PS4 then you may want to look away now.

LG recently teamed up with Activision ahead of the launch of the most recent Call of Duty game, Black Ops 4, to test the reaction speeds of gamers from all platforms.

The task involves clicking targets as they flash up on screen – with the speed at which the targets appear increasing as the test goes on.

Give the test a go for yourselves here!

Top 43%! Must be a PC player!

Top 43%! Must be a PC player!

Just shy of 1,500 gamers were asked to take part in the test with Xbox players coming out on top hitting 78% of the targets!

PlayStation players came second hitting 74% of the targets, while PC gamers lagged behind only hitting 70% of the targets… poor show.

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Gaming is all about that reaction time – especially in the likes of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

Obviously, this isn’t a full proof way of testing the proficiency of different gamers, as it’s more than likely there wouldn’t have been an even split of gamers from each platform.

However, this acts as the perfect excuse to gloat to the ‘PC Master race’ that you are in fact, better than them (and they can never prove it).

Reaction time for games such as FIFA, though, probably isn’t as important when compared with the likes of CS:GO and Black Ops 4.

So, if you find yourself lagging behind in the reaction department, ditch online FPSs and dust of FIFA 19 (or better still, PES).