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You will soon be able to play every game on any of your devices

Microsoft has the answer to all of our problems

The future of gaming is in streaming.

It has been attempted before, most notably by Sony with their PlayStation Now service which allows players to play games instantly on their PS4 by streaming it directly to their console.

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The Remote Play feature on Sony’s PSP is a hidden gem that not many people are aware of

Similarly, with your PS4 turned on you are able to play AAA-titles on your PSP via Remote Play that normally wouldn’t be able to run on the platform.

Gaming on the go isn’t a new concept by any stretch, the overwhelming success of the Nintendo Switch shows that there is a huge audience of gamers who want to play better, high-quality games while on the move.

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Streaming AAA-titles on your tablet will be ace

Microsoft have recently announced they are planning to take it to the next level.

Project xCloud is Microsoft’s answer to playing any game on the go.

You will soon be able to play your favourite games on mobile devices, tablets, TV’s (maybe even smart fridges) by streaming games directly to your chosen device.

According to Xbox, the service is currently operational, however, hasn’t been rolled out to the general public yet.

Speaking with Gamespot, Electronic Arts CEO recently said:

“There are a few articles out there; a few rumours; and a little hearsay as to what [the new consoles are] and when they’re coming and what they might be,”

Leaked controller for mobile devices Microsoft has been working on

Leaked controller for mobile devices Microsoft has been working on

Wilson said. “I don’t think we’re in a position today to have a conversation about that. But just know that we’ve worked with Microsoft and Sony and Nintendo for many, many years and we look forward to working with them for many, many years more, even if we all collectively seek to move–either some portion of or all of our experiences–to the cloud.”

This suggests that Microsoft aren’t the only Gaming conglomerate looking towards the cloud for their next console launch.

Check out the trailer for Project xCloud below, it’s going to be crazy!

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