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These leaked Xbox controllers are everything I’ve ever wanted

Please make these happen, Microsoft

Xbox-style grip controllers could be coming to mobile phones.

Leaked research documents dating back to 2012 show Microsoft was working on a product “to combine a compact and convenient-to-carry form factor with the ease-of-use, control and comfort of a traditional physical controller”.


The report, first spotted by  Windows Central, includes a number of images of the prototype clip-on controllers, which would ‘clip on’ to the sides of phones and tablets.

The two halves can also be attached to a charging dock that attaches through a USB-C connection.

The controllers would be highly adjustable, with interchangeable grips to allow for maximum comfort. The grip could also be removed for single-hand use – suggesting augmented reality capabilities.


Despite the research appearing to have come to an end in 2014, it’s not clear to whether Microsoft intends to bring the product to market.

However, with their streaming service Project xCloud set for a beta next year, the controllers would be a perfect companion for those streaming games on the go.


Nintendo is currently the only major playing in the gaming handheld market right now – with Sony announcing earlier in the year that they’re discontinuing the PS Vita from 2019.