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The Fort Knight: What type of Fortnite player are you?

How are you going to change your playstyle as we head into Season 7?

What type of Fortnite player are you?

Fortnite’s latest release of open events is a great example of a developer listening to their fans and delivering on fun aspects to the game that increases competitiveness and diversity.

On the flip side, it means that all those sweaty players now have a place to play on their own.

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The brand new tournament mode being added to fortnite

One of the main attractions of Fortnite is that no game is ever the same, there are so many play styles meaning every opponent you meet can be completely different, which got me thinking of all the different players I meet.

Which one are you?

Mr High IQ

Not the best builder or the best shooter in the game but their map positioning and rotation is the best in the game.

These guys are by all means not the third wheeler, as they will go gung-ho when the moment calls for it but they perfect decisions.

When they know they need to attack a tower for the advantage they will, but if the storm is too close or they feel there might be a third party, or even if the high ground is too great, they will advise the squad it’s best to save themselves for the next one.

These guys will often win a large number of victory royales simply because they outplay you with strategy…  and it’s infuriating!

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The Pro

A player who was born with a controller in his hand, this kid’s building skills are majestic and their accuracy (both close quarters and down scope) are unrivalled.

They are the hunters of the game racking up high kill scores of 10+ most games, constantly hopping around the edge of the storm looking for prey and despite what trouble they get themselves into, still come out on top.

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The Cheeseball aka Mr Fortnite

Meta abusers.

These players will use any weapons that give them the best advantage.

Their inventory will consist of a double barrel shotgun, compact submachine gun, heavy sniper, quad launcher and a minigun.

They will employ any tactic in order to win and no doubt when the next overpowered weapon is introduced it will be their new favourite gun.

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The Third Wheel

Like a vulture, these players float around death.

They never start a fight but always make sure they end it.

As soon as they hear gunfire they make a B-line straight towards the sound but won’t make their presence known until they know their prey is weak – cleaning up the mess and reaping all the rewards for themselves.

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The n00b

Probably celebrates hitting the top 10 by taking a break in a bush or resting in a nice little shed, never really wins and tends to get just one kill.

A lover of the game but no real skill when it comes to battle royales and actually gets super excited when a named YouTuber makes a mockery of them.

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The Sniper

Never found in the lower portions of the map, they land in quiet places, find themselves a bolt action sniper and proceed the round staying a minimum of 100m from anyone.

Don’t get me wrong, these guys are deadly and give them the slightest peek of your head, they’ll take it off.

But, these guys don’t like to be pushed – when it comes to build fights with a shotgun they panic and often lose every time, which is why they make every effort to be as far away as possible, to the point they’ll even strafe you aimed down their scope in the open – just to encourage you to leave cover.

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The Loot Stealer

Generally, a half decent player, nothing to shout home about, but they help get the job done and probably wouldn’t be a problem, until the end of a scuff with another squad.

Then they ruin it … you’ve just sweated your butt off to get your best 3 kills of the day, only to see that beautiful gold scar, materials, weapons and potions being picked up by this guy, whilst bearing in mind, your also reviving your knocked teammates.

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