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WWE 2K19: If you’re a fan of old-school WWE here’s why you need to play this game

WWE is back with more customisation options than ever before


Everyone who’s anyone has played a WWE game in the past.

With more than 20 games in the series’ history, we have fond memories of crushing opponents as The Rock on the original PlayStation to literally demolishing fighters with John Cena in Smackdown vs. Raw.

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Smackdown vs Raw 2007

If you have ever played any of the old school WWE games, it is 100% worth looking into WWE 2K19 as the genre has evolved to be so much more than chair bashing, cage-rattling super moves.

We got the chance to speak with Mark Little, the executive producer for WWE 2K19, about improvements to the games and some of the exciting new features.

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Ronda Rousey makes her debut in WWE 2K19

“If you haven’t played since the PS2 days, the game is huge. There are so many different parts to it now,” he said.

“Something that’s very distinct from the old days is the creation suite.”

Little explained: “The creation suite is off-the-chains deep and powerful and can allow you to build almost any custom content you want.

“We see amazing things done by the community and they share it with each other through our community creations. We now also have our live player modes including My Career and Road to Glory that are new and interesting to the game.

“I mean just the wrestling in general, the visuals the depth of the moves and the customisation you can do for each character a brand new. It’s very impressive.”

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There are literally 1000s of customisable parts to create your own unique superstar

Unlike in previous titles, the customisation isn’t as restrictive in WWE 2K19.

“If you go onto our Community Creations after the game has been out for a while, you will see an amazing multitude of different creations,” said Little.

He explained just how many different things you could create in-game, “Arenas, videos for your entrances, championships and of course your own WWE Superstars. It’s almost endless”.

“We have literally 1000’s of parts in the games that you can make your superstars with,” he continued.

“You see everything from fighting fantasy game stuff to very serious traditional wrestlers, all the way to vampires and werewolves. You can find it all in our creation suite.’

We even had a go at creating our likeness as a Block Head

We even had a go at creating our likeness as a Block Head

If that isn’t enough to wet your pallet, Little guaranteed us you could create Shrek:

“You can make a really big green guy with a funny head, so yes I guess you can make a Shrek like character.”

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Shrek is back

One of the best new features in this year’s title is the ‘AJ Styles Million Dollar Challenge’, where anyone who buys a copy of WWE 2K19 is in with a shot of winning a million dollars.

Little explained: “For those people in the eligible territories, you can buy the game and go into a 2K tower called the AJ Styles Million Dollar Challenge tower, if you are able to beat that tower, and I will tell you it’s hard and it’s going to take effort. Then you get to cut a promo on AJ Styles and upload it to our site.

“If you beat the tower and your promo was worthy of AJ Styles, you will be entered into a tournament, the winner of the tournament will face AJ Styles 1 on 1 for a million dollars.”

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‘Taking it easy’ isn’t in AJ Styles vocabulary

Before you get your hopes up AJ Styles won’t be going easy on you, Little said he has been training:

“He’s not actually bad at the game, so whoever goes up against AJ won’t have an easy run, I can only imagine how it will feel for that person.”

WWE 2K19 is out now on Xbox One, PS4 and PC now.