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FIFA 19: You can start building your Ultimate Team right now

Get online

We have had the FIFA 19 demo, we have had all the announcements and the ratings now, all players need is the companion app to Ultimate Team.

Well, it’s here.

The FUT Web App is here and available to use right now.

The must-have Ultimate Team companion app isn’t available on IOS or Android yet but can be accessed on a web browser by logging in with your EA details here.


The FUT Web app is now live

What does the app do?

The Web App allows you to act like a proper manager for your Ultimate Team.

You can manage your squad on the go, preparing players for matches.

You can also buy and sell players you get from packs.

Completing squad building challenges is a great way to make some extra dough, so it’s a good idea to get started now.

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The main game is out on the 28th September with some amazing new gameplay features

Here are a few of the most important.

Sweet spot

If you tap Circle or B just as your foot hits the ball, you massively increase the chance of striking it into the top corner.

It’s all about timing, so get it wrong and you’ll be punished with a scuffed shot.


Game plans have been introduced this year – which are set up before a match.

Here, you can set what tactics your team has depending on certain situations – such as if they’re 1-0 up or losing a match.

Once you have made the plans, simply assign to a D-pad press and you’re good to go.

Unlike last year when it was hard to see if a tactical option had been executed, there’s now a clear toggle for on-the-fly instructions.

We’ve seen this before

We’ve seen this before

You’re also now able to adjust your team’s width and depth, as well as instruct your full backs what kind of runs to make in attack or your centre back to cover certain areas of the pitch.

There’s greater control over your team’s defensive style, too – with new settings: “pressure after possession loss,” “constant pressure,” “drop back,” “balanced,” and “pressure on heavy touch.”

Sounds great!

Revised mini-map

A simple but welcome change.

One team will now have triangle icons, the other will have circles – so it’s easier to see who’s who.

Graphics look to have been tweaked and improved

Graphics look to have been tweaked and improved

Defending your title

Perhaps one of the best features that will really test your abilities, is the addition of game plans into FIFA 19.

You can now plan alternate tactics and team settings prior to a match for specific scenarios, for example, if you are 1-0 down or wanting to protect a lead.

The different tactics can be switched on your controller’s d-pad, so you can respond on the fly.

Defending the goal

Similarly, you will have greater control over how your defence attempts to reclaim the ball.

“Pressure after possession loss,” “constant pressure,” “drop back,” “balanced,” and “pressure on heavy touch” all being defensive options.


Perfect your shot
Timed Finishing will be sure to frustrate some of the more casual players but will become a valuable weapon for Ultimate Team pros.

As well as allowing players to shoot the normal way, they will also have the option to hit the Circle/B button again to hit the perfect shot into the back of the net.

Just passing through

Passing has had some major improvements, with the movement of the ball between players feeling a lot more natural, especially in regards to through-balls.

You can your hands on the new Fifa for free, honestly!

Ronaldo will be netting more goals than usual with the new finisher addition

Touch, touch, pass

Along with the passing, a new active touch system has been introduced that makes the game much more fluid, realistic and authentic.

50/50 battles

No EA Sports isn’t introducing battle royale into FIFA, instead, your player’s instincts and how you have played within that game will be used to determine how good you are when it comes to dispossessing your opponents.

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Better direction

FIFA 19 will let you give your full-backs specific instructions when going on the attack.

This means you can dictate specific runs that suit your style of play and change whether the full-backs overlap the winger or underlap into the centre of the pitch.

Better marking

When defending, a second marker will appear above the player you will switch to when LB/L1 is pressed.

EA actually nicked this from PES.