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PES 2019: Konami is letting people make their own stadium banners… and it’s going horribly, horribly wrong

They'll need to take action... fast

PES 2019 developers Konami are under fire after a number of sickening slogans have appeared in their game.

Gamers are able to create custom banners in PES 2019 – which, in theory, is a nice touch. These are then displayed around stadiums during matches.

However, The Scottish Sun cites clips on social media appearing to show vile banners – created by gamers – displayed during a Celtic and Rangers in-game match.

Slurs including  “f*** the Pope”,“paedo c****” and a vile “Big Jock Knew” sign can be seen, the latter clearly visible as the players emerged from the tunnel.

Anti-Catholic banners and a mention of the IRA

Anti-Catholic banners and a mention of the IRA

Another slogan read: “The famine is over”, referencing the Great Famine of the 1840’s in Ireland.

“Durrant Dived” – referencing a horrific tackle on former Gers star Ian Durrant in a 1988 Aberdeen clash – and “Up the IRA” – have also been put on the game.

One banner says ‘Durrant Dived’

‘Durrant Dived’ displayed during an in-game match

As per the last few games in the series, Konami  has not added a filter to the banner creation tool in the game.

However, given these revelations, the Japanese developer may be forced to take action.

Last year, signs including ‘Wenger Out’ appeared on the game – referencing then under-pressure Gunners boss Arsene Wenger.

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