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FIFA 18: EA just made Cristiano Ronaldo the highest rated Serie A player in Ultimate Team history

Guess who he knocked off the top spot?

It was only a matter of time before Cristiano Ronaldo completed his Ultimate Team transfer for Real Madrid to Juventus.

Lo and behold, at the end of last week we finally saw his ‘new’ card.

FIFA 19 Standard and Champions Editions are available to pre-order from GAME and Amazon

Well, we say new but it’s actually a carbon copy of his base Ultimate Team item – which boasts an impressive 94 rating.


Still, it’s rocketed Ronaldo to the top of Serie A’s highest-rated players – pipping former Real Madrid teammate Gonzalo Higuain to the top-spot in FIFA 18.

Despite a plethora of boosts and upgrades throughout the season, we’re very much given an entry level Ronaldo here.

However, with 90 pace, 90 dribbling, 93 shooting, 82 passing and 80 physicality – coupled with five-star skills and a four-star weak-foot – most will agree he’s still far better than most.

Interestingly, the transfer also makes CR7 the highest rated Serie A player in a FIFA game in 13 years.

Get your hands off my shirt

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Get your hands off my shirt

As cited in the MailOnline, Gianluigi Buffon was rated 95 in FIFA 2006 – long before Ultimate Team existed.

Elsewhere, fans are eagerly awaiting to get their first proper look at FIFA 19, which will be playable at next month’s Gamescom expo in Cologne.

What will be the biggest changes this year?

There are a host of new gameplay features and tweaks set to arrive to this year’s game.

Here are the most important.

Neymar was a big part of the FIFA 19 trailer

Neymar was a big part of the FIFA 19 trailer

Sweet spot

If you tap Circle or B just as your foot hits the ball, you massively increase the chance of striking it into the top corner.

It’s all about timing, so get it wrong and you’ll be punished with a scuffed shot.


Game plans have been introduced this year – which are set up before a match.

Here, you can set what tactics your team has depending on certain situations – such as if they’re 1-0 up or losing a match.

Once you have made the plans, simply assign to a D-pad press and you’re good to go.

FIFA 19 Standard and Champions Editions are available to pre-order from GAME and Amazon

Unlike last year, when it was hard to see if a tactical option had been executed, there’s now a clear toggle for on-the-fly instructions.

We’ve seen this before

We’ve seen this before

You’re also now able to adjust your team’s width and depth, as well as instruct your full backs what kind of runs to make in attack or your centre back to cover certain areas of the pitch.

There’s greater control over your team’s defensive style, too – with new settings: “pressure after possession loss,” “constant pressure,” “drop back,” “balanced,” and “pressure on heavy touch.”

Sounds great!

Revised mini-map

A simple but welcome change.

One team will now have triangle icons, the other will have circles – so it’s easier to see who’s who.

Graphics look to have been tweaked and improved

Graphics look to have been tweaked and improved

Champions League

EA has got everything from the Champions League logo including the commentary team, Derek Rae and Lee Dixon.

It’ll also have its own mode and the ability to create custom tournaments. Amazing.

Europa League

This was slightly overshadowed by the Champions League announcement, but yes the Europa League will also be in FIFA 19.

Expect the full broadcast package, too.

General gameplay 

Passing has been re-worked to feel more natural, while a active touch system allows better first touches from different parts of the body.

It also opens up the possibility of a feint attack – where, as the ball approaches, you can shift your weight one way, before going the other.

Cristiano Ronaldo will be on the cover of FIFA 19

Cristiano Ronaldo will be on the cover of FIFA 19

Stepovers, too, are reportedly easier to pull off and look more convincing – making it harder for your opponent to defend against.

Finally, 50/50 battles over a loose ball will now take into account more variables than last year – such as reaction time.