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The 7 best games in the Steam summer sale for £10 and under

Say goodbye to your summer... and your bank account

The Steam Summer sale is finally here! And it’s better than we ever imagined.

Hundreds of games have had their prices slashed – many of which will leave you with change from a tenner.

Here are seven of the best games you’d be mad not to pick up – starting with our pick of the bunch.

Fallout New Vegas – £2.63

A game this good, for that price, should be illegal.Luckily for us it’s not.

Fallout New Vegas is only £2.63, so if you haven’t played arguably the best Fallout in the series yet, now’s the time.


Ori and the Blind Forest Definitive Edition – £7.49

This colourful side-scroller tells the tale of a young orphan who has battle its way through an enchanted world filled with beasts.

You should get this game for the soundtrack alone.

Plus, the sequel is coming out soon, so it snap this up while it’scheap!


The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth – £6.59

Rebirth is a randomly-generated action RPG shooter – where every level and experience is unpredictable.

The game follows Isaac on his quest to find treasures that change his form giving him super human abilities.

These come in handy when fighting off droves of mysterious creatures.


Literally every single Total War game

Virtually of the Total War games are available for under a tenner.

Check out the Steam store for yourself if you don’t believe us…


This game is going to be the best value for money.

Giving you hours of exciting gameplay and at a discount of 92% from £98, you would be silly not to get this!


Prey – £9.99

Released in 2017, this sci-fi thriller from the makers of Dishonored will give you a taste of how it would feel to be in the movie Alien.

Your character wakes up in a space station that has been overrun by shape-shifting beings.

The learning curve is insane, but if you’re after a challenge, this is for you.


Speaking of Dishonored… this version of the award winning stealth-em-up  contains all of the DLC.

Played from a first-person perspective, you’re cast supernatural assassin Corvo Attano who’s driven by revenge.

With varied combat and the ability to use hundreds of different skills and abilities, the game continues to hold up, even by today’s standards.


Happy spending!