FIFA 18: EA forgot to upgrade 2 Premier League stars and accidentally DOWNGRADED another

The company has said they are aware of the issue and is putting it right

FIFA 18 fans have noticed EA Sports may have accidentally forgotten to upgrade two Premier League stars – and accidentally downgraded another.

Liverpool’s Roberto Firmino, Spurs’ Heung Min Son and Man United’s Paul Pogba have all had inconsistent ‘upgrades’, despite being owed ratings boosts in the FIFA 18 Ratings Refresh.

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The three stars were among the 23 Premier League players to be awarded new, improved Ultimate Team cards last week – although the stats reveal it hasn’t quite worked out that way.

Lets take a closer look, shall we.

Roberto Firmino 

Here’s Firmino’s card before the winter upgrades.

Firmino’s stats before the upgrade

Now let’s have a look at the new stats.

And after

You can see that his heading accuracy has been lowered by two points stats and he’s had various small defensive downgrades.

This issue is present on all of Firmino’s inform cards, which have been downgraded similarly in those areas.

Heung Min Son  

Here’s his old card

And the new

The winter non-inform Son is missing a shooting upgrade as shown on his face card stats.

He has a +1 upgrade to his shooting yet in-game his shooting stats did not receive an upgrade. It is the exact same values as his old non inform card.

Paul Pogba

Pogba’s old card

The Frenchman’s new card

Despite the fact he’s got +1 dribbling in his new card, his dribbling stats were not upgraded. Some would say it’s deserved, though, as Pogba’s not having the best time at United right now.

According to fans on Reddit, EA is said to be aware of the issue and is putting it right.

Elsewhere, EA revealed the Serie A players who had ratings boosts over the weekend.

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Juventus star Paulo Dybala and Lazio’s Ciro Immobile and Roma’s Dries Mertens were among the players rewarded for stellar performances this season.

The Vancouver-based developer employs a team of data collectors who have been keeping a close eye on some of the world’s biggest stars.