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FIFA 18: People are going nuts over this ‘X-rated’ kit EA has allowed on FIFA

It appears to show two people playing with each other's genitals

FIFA 18 gamers have spotted an ‘X-rated’ kit on Ultimate Team – appearing to show two people fondling each other’s privates.

The image, which was posted on the FIFA sub Reddit, has caused a stir in the community, with many not knowing what to make of it.

The kit in all its glory

The kit in all its glory

Keen-eyed rock fans, though, would have seen this artwork before. It’s actually the album cover art from Catfish and the Bottlemen’s ‘The Balcony’.

Still it’s got the community chatting. One gamer wrote: “I used to see that jersey all the time !! Never noticed the hand in pants tho – nice touch C&B !!”

Another simply put: “Name a more iconic duo…I’ll wait.”

The album in all its glory

The album in all its glory

In other kit-related news, FIFA fans will be treated to a number of stunning new promo strips in the coming weeks.

Images of the new kits found their way online and were posted on Twitter, appearing to confirm a number of promotional events on the way.

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While they can’t be 100 per cent verified, a Team of the Season and FUT Birthday strip are among the kits featured in the leak.

The latter is particularly exciting and marks the anniversary of Ultimate Team.

Taking place at the end of March, FUT Birthday will see 23 current players get upgraded ratings reminiscent of their past FUT item and a brand-new item type.

New SBCs with rare packs as rewards, as well as Premium Items will also be on the cards.