Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer: This amazing ‘GTA 6 trailer’ will get you hyped for Rockstar’s next GTA

GTA 6 may be some time away but one fan clearly can't contain their excitement

GTA 6 may be ‘in development’ but chances are we won’t be seeing it for some time yet. So, to make the wait a bit more bearable, one fan created his very own Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer – and Rockstar should definitely pay attention. The trailer, which was created using the Grand Theft Auto V RAGE engine, combines high-speed chases with real-world footage. Check it out below and prepare to be amazed.
Speaking of trailers, is there any news on the GTA 6 trailer?Grand Theft Auto 6 is ‘in development’ and despite being a few years away, there’s already plenty of hype around the game. One of the biggest talking points about GTA 6 is the trailer – which will land sometime before the main game releases. Remember, you can keep on top of all Grand Theft Auto-related news in our “
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There has been no news yet on the characters or story in GTA 6
So, when is the trailer going to come out? There’s every chance that we may get a very, very early sneak peak at the end of the year – or maybe a few months before at E3 in LA in June. The latter is incredibly unlikely, though. Will the trailer use the in-game engine? Yes – it certainly will. GTA 6 will likely be powered by a modified version of the Red Redemption Dead 2 engine – which is capable of some pretty impressive visuals. RDR2 uses the Rockstar Advanced Game Engine (RAGE), which includes a proprietary physics engine, and runs along with the Euphoria animation engine. Euphoria is what lets characters interact with the environment in a physically realistic way. So, if they crash a car, they fly through the windscreen etc. Anything else we should know? Yes – lots of people are calling for GTA 6 to have a female lead character – and we’d agree. There’s nothing been confirmed as yet but if they do feature we’d almost certainly see them appear in the trailer. Fingers crossed.