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Hidden treasure

Only 1% of FIFA players will have spotted these in-game secrets

FIFA 17 has been out for months, but we bet you haven't come across these things

FIFA 17 may have been out for a while – but we bet you haven’t come across all of these things.

From secret locations to huge cola cans, we pick out the best Easter Eggs from EA SPORTS’ brilliant game – with the help of YouTuber DTT.


There’s a huge cola can

You can hit the can with a well-placed ball

You can hit the can with a well-placed ball

In the Arena del Centenario, there’s a huge cola can in the corner of the pitch.

Unlike a load of other objects, you can kick the ball at it and it’ll bounce off.

Interestingly, FIFA 18 footage shows another huge cola can in one of the stadiums, too.

The can also appears in FIFA 18

The can also appears in FIFA 18

Dimitar Berbatov on the cameraman’s screen


Berbatov is used in cameramen’s screens in FIFA 17

Hats off to EA for adding a second screen on to their cameramen. But look a little closer and it doesn’t actually show what’s happening.

In fact, it’s an image of Dimitar Berbatov scoring a goal for Manchester United?

Maybe one of the graphics guys is a Manchester United fan?

The arena tour


You can run around around the stadium when you get bored

This is a great one.

When you’re playing around in the arena, repeatedly press L2 and R2 (and the equivalent buttons on Xbox One) as quickly as possible.

This will let you run away from the ball and spring around the pitch.

You can even run into the stands… although it’s clear you’re not meant to.

Hidden five-a-side pitch in The Journey

During the trial match in The Journey, there’s another football pitch right next to the one you’re playing on.

To see it, first smash the ball as hard as you can over the opposition goal.


Sadly you can’t play on the brilliant five-a-side pitch

Then, pause the game – hit ‘Instant Replay’ and select the camera that focuses on the ball.

You’ll see there’s a five-a-side pitch – complete with a small stand, tiny goals and proper distance between the lines.


The pitch is beautifully detailed although EA knew not many people would spot it

It’s a lovely little touch – especially given how EA realised many people wouldn’t notice.

Incredible detail in White Hart Lane 

There’s another subtle secret that can be found in the White Hart Lane stadium.

Just kick the ball through the players’ entrance, then hop on to the Instant Replay.


White Hart Lane won’t be in FIFA 18 – so EA went to town to capture every little detail in FIFA 17

Zoom in as close as you can and look to the left.

You’ll see a couple of power boxes and a wooden door that says ‘Electric Room’.

When compared to a real-life image of the stadium it’s almost spot on – although the chances of you actually spotting it are minimal.


The in-game rendering of the room compared to real life – there’s really not much in it

Give everyone on your team the same rating

Use this trick at your own risk – it may anger your opponent!

Use this trick at your own risk – it may anger your opponent!

Yep, it’s as easy as a button press.

Just head to Player Attributes in the Game Settings menu and tweak it to 85 Overall.

Just make sure to do it on the sly so your opponent doesn’t find out.

Seeing Cristiano Ronaldo with an 85 rating doesn’t sit right with us

Seeing Cristiano Ronaldo with an 85 rating doesn’t sit right with us