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FIFA 18: 6 things EA needs to do to make Career Mode the best ever

With a few tweaks the popular single-player campaign could blossom once more

FIFA’s Career Mode may be playing second fiddle to Ultimate Team these days, but it’s still incredibly popular.

Earlier in the year we picked out 10 things EA need to do to make FUT even better.

But when it comes to FIFA 18‘s Career Mode, a lot less work is needed to make it the best yet.

We pick out six things EA should improve this year.

1. More manager customisation

There were only 11 avatars a player could choose from when starting out as a new manager.

EA needs to build on this and add more character customisation to make the experience feel even more personal.

Given the fact Frostbite is being used, player and manager models look better than ever – so there’s really no excuse.

Image result for career mode fifa 17

More customisation when you’re picking a manager will be welcomed by fans

2. Press conferences 

The Journey went some way to make the player feel that their actions had consequences, but Career Mode still feels stuck in the past in that respect.

Press conferences lack player control and do very little to affect the game.

We want to see more options, harder questions, and answers that genuinely shape your perception in the media.

Part of the challenge should be facing a grilling if your top striker isn’t scoring goals. Failing that, getting up and walking off should be a viable option too.

3. Away match bug

Some fans have reported there’s a bug that makes it very hard to win away matches.

Draws are incredibly common and occur irrespective of whether your team is on a red-hot winning streak.

If anything, it hampers enthusiasm to keep playing, so needs to get fixed pronto.

Image result for career mode fifa 17 away match

An away match bug makes it very difficult to win games

4. Homesickness

FIFA 17 is all about emotion, and it’s to EA’s credit that they’ve added a human touch to Career Mode.

However, it’s extremely unbalanced.

Some players get homesick and want to play for much smaller clubs, despite the fact they’re raking in huge salaries at the best clubs on the planet.

Worse still, you – the manager – along with the board can do very little to stop them leaving.

5. Switch clubs 

Easily the most important of the lot.

Just like in real life, at the end of a successful season you should be inundated with job offers – and have the ability to switch clubs.

CPU managers should do this, too.

Watching the likes of Jose Mourinho tank with Manchester United, only to then take up a job with Torino and lead them to glory would be entertainment in itself.

6. Player decline

Time waits for no man, but on FIFA 17 the ageing process is way too harsh.

After the age of 30, players begin to slow down so dramatically that by 34 they’re pretty much unable to run.

Technical attributes often decline at an alarmingly fast rate, too – regardless of the player.

Seeing a 37-year-old Lionel Messi with a sprint speed in single figures is a tad harsh, if you ask us.

FIFA 17 was harsh on players in their mid 30s… just take a look at what happens to Leo Messi

FIFA 17 was harsh on players in their mid 30s… just take a look at what happens to Leo Messi