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FIFA 18: Gamers kick off a PETITION to get EA to add a brand new mode

FIFA fans have started a petition to get an online Career Mode included in FIFA 18.

Hundreds have already backed the campaign, which calls on publisher EA to stop ‘neglecting’ one of the most popular modes in the series.

Career Mode was once vital to FIFA, but EA has recently pivoted focus on to FIFA Ultimate Team and E-sports.

In FIFA 17, the mode is played offline and split in to two areas – Manager Career and Player Career.

The former sees you take control of your favourite club and scout for players, manage budgets and make key decisions, while Player Career sees you play as a single footballer.


However, fans want FIFA 18 to include an online version of the mode – claiming it’s suffered since The Journey arrived.

A gamer, who claims to be in close contact with EA over the matter, is using a FIFA sub-Reddit to garner support for the petition.

He writes: “A long-requested and probably one of the most requested features has been to add an online version of career mode, similar to how Madden does their Connected Franchise.

“A game mode where you could challenge your friends to fight for the Premier League title, while having bidding wars with others for players. Online would add a whole new dimension to career mode and IMO would increase the longevity of it.

“The guys working on the database and keeping it updated feel the same way, and have created a petition for our voices to be heard.


“I understand that the majority of petitions are normally useless and have no effect towards an outcome they are arguing against, but as we are working with EA, we can ensure that if we do reach the goal of 10,000 signatures that the developers will become aware of it.

“Whether or not they decide to take on board the idea and develop it is another question, but at least they will become aware of how many people want it to happen.”

The petition has already amassed widespread support, with many trying to ‘upvote’ on the fan forum to increase exposure.

One fan wrote: “EA should be pushed to improve every aspect of the game with all the hard earned money people put in to the game.”


Another said: “Man, I hate the guy who thought of Ultimate team. I reckon Career Mode peaked in 08/09/10… I almost feel like it’s regressed since then.”

EA has proven in the past that it listens to the community – and has released numerous patches to improve FIFA 17’s troubled gameplay.

The publisher confirmed earlier this year that The Journey: Season 2 will feature in FIFA 18 – continuing the tale of up-and-coming footballer, Alex Hunter.

Given how much focus EA is putting on this, Career Mode again risks playing a supporting role.

You can sign the petition here