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Play Single Game Survivor three times this weekend – money to be won on Spurs v Chelsea!

This weekend brings not one, not two, but three editions of Single Game Survivor.

Players have a chance to win cash through Fulham v Wolves (Friday night), Crystal Palace v Liverpool (Saturday night) and Spurs v Chelsea (Sunday lunchtime).

Play along while watching the game and you could bank cash winnings!


What is Single Game Survivor?

Single Game Survivor takes its inspiration from our Classic Survivor Game.

In Classic Survivor, you pick a Premier League team to win each week. They win, you survive; they don’t, you’re out.

And it’s exactly the same principle with Single Game Survivor (or SGS as it’s more snappily known), except that in this game you make picks during a single match.

Get your predictions right as the game goes along and you’ll survive; but get them wrong and you’re out.

The pleasant twist? You get two lives to play with!

How do you make picks in SGS?

Ahead of the match, we’ll serve up some questions for you to consider. Such as:

  • Which team will score first?
  • Which of these four players will have a shot on target first?

And so on.

Win these mini-battles to keep yourself alive!

How do I win money in SGS?

Now for the good bit.

You get two chances to win in SGS, with the first cash prize coming if you survive until half-time.

If your sharp football instincts help you survive until full-time, you take a share of the prize pot that remains.

Why should I play SGS?

QUICK MONEY With our two chances to make money – half-time and full-time – you might win money in just 45 minutes!

TWO LIVES You get not one, but two lives as you chase down the cash!

BEAT THE REST Test your knowledge against our thousands-strong community

LIVE EXPERIENCE See your rivals eliminated and the prize pool increase during the match

What’s the best way to follow SGS?

Follow along live with us!

Sign-in to your account and track all the key moments via our live tracker to see how they affect you and your rivals.

You’ll also be able to see how the cash pot rises as players get knocked out!

Good Luck!