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We’ve given everyone a free 30-trial of Dream Team Coach — here’s what to do now

Since it’s the season for gift-giving, we’ve treated Dream Team bosses to a free trial of Coach this festive season.

This means you now have access to an extensive range of features designed to make you the most informed gaffer you can be.

Please be aware your app must be updated to access Coach — Android users may need to redownload the app, click here for instructions if needed.

Coach is completely free to use until 10th January 2021 and you don’t have to enter any card details to activate it.

As long as your app is updated, you’re able to start digging into the Dream Team app (or site) to use Coach’s offerings.

Fixture difficulty ratings provided for each player

Fixture difficulty ratings provided for each player

Coach features at a glance:

  • Projected score – an estimated points total for the Game Week based on statistical analysis
  • Projected price change – get an early look at the estimated price adjustments before they happen
  • Break even analysis – the required score for a player to remain at the same value each Game Week
  • Fixture difficulty rating – our algorithm considers several factors to determine the favourability of a given game
  • Venue and opposition statistics – specific stats relating to upcoming fixtures to help inform your strategy
  • In-depth player analysis – extensive stats present a clearer picture of individual performance
  • Transfer recommendations – suggestions on how to improve your team with changes in personnel
  • Detailed player comparisons – match-up two players in a number of metrics to determine which is most suitable for your needs

We see Coach as an ideal companion for those who feel like they need a more enhanced experience of the game.

Less knowledgeable gaffers can use it to compete with their football-mad mates while hardcore players will love the extra level of detail.

This screenshot shows some Coach stats displayed on the app

This screenshot shows some Coach stats displayed on the app

Fixtures come thick and fast at this time of year so hopefully Coach will help you navigate one of the most important months of the season.

If you deem Coach an effective tool you can retain your subscription until the end if the season by paying £9.99 when the trial ends, though you are under no obligation.