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How to win Dream Team Weekender… according to previous winners

Our concentration spans are dwindling drastically – and the same applies to fantasy football.

So that’s why Dream Team Weekender has given so many people a new lease of life in the last couple of years.

Our short form of the game – played exclusively over every Saturday and Sunday – gives people a chance to win £5k every weekend rather than slog it out all season long.


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And what better way to find out how to win than from the horses’ mouths themselves?

We spoke to two of our most recent winners – Richard O’Meara and Chris Chambers – to ask exactly how they did it.

“I love the fact you get to start afresh each week. Everyone is equal and has an equal chance of winning,” Richard said.

“I feel like I’m playing catch up constantly with the Season game.”

Richard triumphed in Game Week 21 after boldly picking an all Newcastle defence – and Fabian Schar’s goalscoring exploits meant his selection was doubly vindicated.

Richard’s winning Weekender team

Richard’s winning Weekender team

“My tips are to pick a goalkeeper and two defenders from the same team to get multiple clean sheet points,” Richard added.

“In midfield and attack try not to pick players from the same team so you give yourself a chance of amassing as many Star Man awards as possible.

“Also take a chance on at least one player as a differential who is not among the leading scorers.”

Chris’ task was even harder in Game Week 22, prevailing on a notoriously difficult FA Cup weekend when predicting line ups can cause real headaches.

De Bruyne put Burnley to the sword

De Bruyne put Burnley to the sword

He correctly predicted Man City would pulverise Burnley but the inclusions of Matt Doherty and Raul Jimenez were also inspired.

And how is he celebrating his winnings?

“Well I’ve got a holiday to pay off,” Chris said. “I’m getting my garden ready for the summer… oh and maybe a few cheeky bets at Cheltenham in a few weeks when I go!”

If Chris can predict Weekender so accurately he’ll surely make a fine horse whisperer too…

Want to follow in Richard and Chris’ footsteps? Sign up to play for free here…