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WATCH: Fans claim this footage is ‘proof FIFA 17 matches are scripted’

Talal Musa

Marcos Llorente no doubt has his fans – but this miss on FIFA 17 will test their patience.

All the 21-year-old Spaniard needs to do is tap it over the line. But he scuffs the shot and manages to hit the other post.

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To his credit, the ball looks like it crosses the line… but the goal wasn’t given.

It’s caused some fans to claim something more sinister is at play.


Dubbed “EAaids”, this refers to the notion that the game changes momentum of a match if it becomes too one-sided.

So, if you’re winning 5-0, the game recognises the imbalance and boosts the opposition’s ability whilst simultaneously hampering yours.

This could be manifested in a number of ways – for example negatively affecting shot accuracy or goalkeeping prowess.

EA deny that any such scripting takes place in FIFA 17.

So, where does all this talk come from?

Theorists point to FIFA 06, the first in the series to feature a momentum “bar”.

This bar, dots that appeared next to the team name (below, right), would indicate how well the team was performing at a given point in time.


Some believe this dynamically affected “luck” e.g. boosting the chances of the player with fewer momentum points of scoring a “worldie”.

And there’s a valid reason for it.

If a better player is thrashing another, lesser player, tedium will set in fast for both parties.

A lot of the entertainment in a match is feeling a shift in momentum – knowing that even though you’re 3-0 down you can still come back.

Whilst the bar is gone, momentum and scripting, it’s theorised, is still present to keep people playing – to help deliver these “comeback” moments that the real-life beautiful game delivers week in, week out.

Either way, fans aren’t too impressed with the gameplay mechanics in this latest video.

One wrote: “Things like this literally proof that there are some heavy scripts involved.


“The system calculated that your shot hit the post so no matter where you would be you would hit the post at this one mil second.”

Another said: “Had a similar chance yesterday but tbh I think my miss was 100% scripting.

“It was in a match were I lost 2-0 when I had 11 shots on target vs my opponent who had 2 and scored 2 90-minute goals.”

What do you think?

We reckon it’s just a horrendous miss.


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