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Mourinho & Wenger: Forbidden love

It’s the story of forbidden love.

It’s Jose Mourinho and Arsene Wenger – and the romance that dare not speak its name.

Who knew?

While you’re here, let us show you our balls.

The Dream Team game is still the best in the business – but the website has changed.

Now we don’t just have Danny Drinkwater and his Star Man awards.

We have tackles like this from Brazil.

(“That’s at least a yellow for me Clive.”)

We have James Milner* trying to book a table for dinner.

(*posed by actor.)

We have Premier League highlights. In HD. With English commentary.

We’ve got all bases covered. The best trivia? Try this on for size.

Weird goals from around the world? Tick.

(Like this – the “most illegal” goal ever scored.)

So stick around. You know it makes sense.