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Roma fans leave 50kg of vegetables outside of training ground to insult players

There’s nothing that says ‘must do better’ than leaving 50kg of carrots outside the training ground following a heavy defeat.

That’s according to Roma supporters, who carried out the gesture after watching their side lose 2-0 to Atalanta last weekend.

For those of you not quite up to date with the nuances of Italian football let us translate.

Enjoy your meal Rabbits!

Roma fans

The idea behind the move is that Roma’s players froze in the spotlight of Atalanta’s headlights, and 50kg of carrots will stop that happening again.

It’s a similar move to when Roma lost 7-1 to Man United and were greeted with 120kg of carrots.



At least they had the decency to bring carrots and not onions.

No one wants to see that!

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