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Brazilian Miss BumBum strips after team qualifies for competition

Most of us are usually content with bragging rights amongst our mates, or perhaps a small wager down the pub.

But that’s not the method employed by Brazil’s Miss BumBum, who kept good on her word that she would strip if her beloved Sao Paulo team beat Goias to qualify for the Copa Libertadores – the pan-South American club tournament.

The away side ran out 1-0 victors over their opponents, which got fans excited to whether Miss BumBum, Suzy Cortez, would keep her promise.

And it’s fair to say she did.

miss bum bum2


miss bum bum3


In the words of Barry Davies, ‘Interesting… very interesting!’

miss bumbum4


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Beatrice Bouchard 1 Miss BumBum & Ed Woodward 0

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