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Watch illegal football streams? Read this… for the sake of your own health

We all like watching the football, right?

Even a sneaky look at 3pm on Saturday through some *harmless* illegal feed.

Why not eh?

Well stop right now.




Researchers have been looking into how sites that host these illegal streams are run.

And they have decided that you are taking your life into your own hands when you log on.

It does not just infect the site with the stream – but ALL of the websites you visit afterwards.

(Even this one.)

“You have to install the extension, and once the user installs the extensions, it can infect any website the user is visiting,” researcher Zubair Rafique told the BBC.

“So, if a person installs an extension to watch a stream, and then visits a site like BBC.com, this extension can actually change the contents of BBC.com and include malicious links.

“This is extremely dangerous.”

Rafique and his team looked at over 5,000 sites that aggregate streams.

And you’ll never guess what the home of illegal streaming is.



“We discovered that nearly 25 per cent of live streams originate from the servers hosted in Belize,” they added.

“More than 60 per cent of analysed streams originate from the media servers provided by only five companies located in Belize, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Sweden, and Canada.”

We’ve been warned!

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