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19 pictures of lost footballs that will send chills down your spine

Nothing hurts like the one that got away.

Especially when that one is your favourite Total 90 trapped on a train tracks.

Welcome to the heartbreaking world of Lost Footballs – a land of broken dreams, forgotten balls and poignant song lyrics.

WARNING: Contains graphic images.

1 Sadness is a blessing

2 Longest way round is the shortest way home

3 This loneliness won’t leave me alone

4 Sittin’ in the morning sun

5 They don’t love you like I love you

6 You and I are gonna live forever

7 Don’t worry, be happy

8 Love is a battlefield

9 Stuck inside these four walls

10 One of these days somebody is going to find you

11 Let’s don’t let a good thing die

12 Would I see suspicion in your eyes?

14 I can’t walk out

15 The dead can dance if they want romance

16 He’s already in me

17 Death was more interesting to him

18 Well hang on

19 Parklife!