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Referees considering using Google Glass next season

It’s a well-worn joke about referees needing to wear glasses to help make the right decisions.

But now it may not be necessary as a terrace taunt, as the Premier League are apparently considering the use of Google Glass from next season.

In a step towards video technology being incorporated into the game, the revolutionary headwear is being looked at as an option.


The Times’ Henry Winter revealed the potential plan on The Game podcast earlier this week, saying he has spoken to league officials about the proposition.

He said: “In his back pocket, the referee has the [vanishing] spray. In his other pocket, he’ll have Google Glass.

“He’ll be able to put them on, and he’ll be able to see the [decision] immediately.”


Parma’s Antonio Cassano wearing Google Glass during training

Google halted the production of the Glass product in January last year after under a year of public sales.

How the technology would integrate to the referees themselves remains to be seen, but it could be the most innovative and effective way to deal with tricky decisions.

Winter went onto explain that the technology could quell the fears that video technology would slow down the game – one of the main criticisms levelled at it in the past.

He added: “I’ve talked to the Premier League about it. They want to bring it in, and the Premier say ‘Look, the technology’s out there. With Google Glass you can watch that [incident] immediately.’

“He doesn’t even have to talk to your friend in the truck.”

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