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This bloke is actually the greatest goalkeeper you’ve never heard of

Gianluigi Buffon thinks he’s the best thing since sliced prosciutto.

Just look at him.

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The smugness is oozing from every pore.

That’s because he’s just gone and broken Dino Zoff’s record of going 903 minutes without anything squeeze under, over, around or betwixt him and into the Juventus onion bag.

He’s now gone 926 minutes without conceding a goal.

But that’s nothing – NOTHING – compared to the efforts of this hirsute fellow.



His name is Geraldo Pereira de Matos Filho aka Mazaropi.

And he’s the greatest goalkeeper you’ve never heard of.

And he laughs in the face of Buffon’s achievements.

That’s because he holds the all-time world record for the amount of time spent without conceding a goal.

A mind-bending 1,816 minutes.

That’s an astronomical 20 matches.

Or three Martin Scorcese films.

The record was set between May 1977 and September 1978 in Mazaropi’s Vasco Da Gama glory years.

But did he get the recognition he deserved?

Did he buggery.

Those halfwits at the Brazilian FA only saw fit to reward him with one international cap.

So for all those years Brazil pretended they had no decent keepers, this bloke was sat at home twiddling his very dexterous thumbs.

It’s a modern day tragedy.

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