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11 ‘Wenger Out’ banners that have been spotted around the world this season

It will come of no surprise that an Arsenal fan protest has now become a complete joke and a parody of itself.

While the Wenger Out brigade march on the Emirates Stadium and fight amongst themselves outside the Gunners ground, more and more Wenger Out banners are being spotted around the world.

It’s almost as if the whole thing has lost it’s true meaning and people are now just taking the mickey out of Arsenal fans…

Anyway, here’s a comprehensive list of everywhere the banner calling for the Frenchman’s head has been spotted globally.

1 At Wrestlemania 33… twice (April 2017)

2 At an anti-Donald Trump rally (February 2017)

3 At a virtually empty stand inside the Westpac Stadium, New Zealand at a World Cup qualifier (March 2017)

4 At a Coldplay gig in Singapore (April 2017)


5 At a rugby sevens match in Vancouver, Canada (March 2017)

6 At the World Baseball Classic in LA (March 2017)

7 Whatever music festival this was in Miami (March 2017)


8 A lacrosse match in Lexington, Kentucky (March 2017)

9 On the entrance of the Melbourne Cricket Ground, Australia (March 2017)

10 In Saudi Arabia, written by a child. (March 2017)

11 Outside the FIFA headquarters in Switzerland… (March 2017)

Then there was obviously the plane banner above the Hawthorns, the deluge of people in their own living rooms thinking they’re being original and funny, but nothing, nothing came close to the horror of the WEXIT banner, displayed before Arsenal’s match against Lincoln in the FA Cup back in March.



The very worst of all football fans spotted this season.