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Juventus get to the bottom of Patrice Evra’s mystery allergy

You would think throwing up before training every day would be a pretty big indicator that something was wrong.

But Patrice Evra went seven years at Manchester eating the same food without realising it was making him ill.

But what was the mystery food?



That’s right- the humble egg.

When I came here they said I’m allergic to eggs and I ate them every day in Manchester. I was vomiting in training at first.


Luckily for Evra Juventus spotted the allergy and were able to sort it before his love of a fried egg caused any lasting damage.

I went to the hospital and they told me I had been playing with an ulcer and I was lucky it was not bleeding inside.




As of yet Evra hasn’t spoken about how difficult weaning himself off his daily diet of egg has been.

But if he loves eggs as much as Lionel Messi loves roasts he’s going to be in trouble.

underwater egg


That’s right, we wrote this whole article without cramming in any egg puns. Not even Patrice Eggra got a look in.