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Ronaldo to PSG ‘decision has been taken’

Cancel the homecoming.

And yes that means sending back the bunting and the party poppers.

Cristiano Ronaldo will not return to Man United next, or any other, summer.

In a transfer saga that’s been resuscitated more times than Jack Grealish after a heavy one on the vodka Red Bulls, a source close to Ronaldo has admitted a deal to take the former Old Trafford great to PSG has already been agreed.

That’s if he even decides to quit Real in the first place, as it appears his first choice is to continue in the Spanish capital.

This preference may or may not depend on the continuing employment of Rafa Benitez. We couldn’t possibly say.

The PSG source told The Sun: “Cristiano has told those closest to him that he wants to stay at Real.

“But if for one reason or another he leaves then he will only go to PSG. The decision has been taken and he was in no mood to entertain any other clubs.”

Of course Angel Di Maria had already told us that, but who on God’s green earth listens to him. 

The source continued: “He wants to live in France, he likes Laurent Blanc, he has a great relationship with Nasser Al-Khelaifi, the club president and he knows life in Paris will simply be sensational for him.”

Maybe he’s got a point. As comprehensively-stocked as Manchester’s Arndale centre is, it can’t compete with the boulevards of Paris for simple sensationalism.

Isn’t it time Man United did the decent thing and moved to London?

At least then home fans would only face a short tube ride to get to watch their favourite team.



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