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Why has Jurgen Klopp been taking photos of Kolo Toure in the bath?

One of the blessings of Liverpool’s hamstring curse is that we’re getting to see Kolo Toure play again.

Against Stoke last Tuesday the Ivorian revealed a revolutionary new way of defending, that only a man like Kolo could pull off.



He flopped on his hands and knees to block the cross with his tummy- part Franz Beckenbauer, part beached wale.

The move even has its own name now, with Jose Enrique coining it ‘the salmon’.



You would think Jurgen Klopp would have been quite concerned with the unconventional piece of work.

But, according to Toure, his reaction was quite the opposite, as he told ESPN.

Afterwards, the manager just took a picture of me in the ice bath and made a few jokes!


We can only hope that one day those photos of Toure pretending to be a salmon in an ice bath will come to light.

Kolo Toure, for being the gift that keeps on giving, we salute you.


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