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Man Utd plan to kick Leicester out of the Champions League

Every neutral is rooting for Leicester to nail down a place in the Champions League.

But of course, Man Utd want to spoil the party…

Manchester United Training and Press Conference : News Photo


The Red Devils along with AC Milan are members of the European Club Association and the powerful group are calling for the Champions League to change forever.

They have suggested that big-name clubs like United and Milan will be guaranteed places in the competition, regardless as to where they finish in their domestic league.

This would mean that clubs like Leicester, who are actually worth a spot on merit, won’t be allowed to compete in the prestigious competition.

Southampton v Leicester City - Premier League : News Photo

Although there is no concrete proposal, Uefa are yet to condemn the barmy plans, which is slightly concerning.

UEFA constantly reviews the format of its competitions in close consultation with stakeholders, including the European Club Association.

Uefa spokesperson

But United and their bullish association are looking make these new rules come in to play at the start of the 2018/19 campaign.

The thought of this actually being a thing makes us feel sick!

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